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[Save space for 1 tatami]
Easy to assemble anywhere! Feel free to train in your spare time!
[Load resistance up to 200kg]
Choose the intensity that suits you and shape your body efficiently!
[Developed by active fitness competitors]
Easy to understand with explanatory video! For beginners and enthusiasts alike!

When you go to the gym, it's easy to get too excited and end up doing too many different workouts.
I also feel that I have to pay for the membership fees and monthly fees.
As a result, before you know it, the gym becomes a place where you go to put your energy into it, and you end up not being able to maintain your motivation.
But with GFC Portable Gym...

GFC Portable Gym does not require a "dedicated room" where you can store large training machines.
For a basic menu, all you need is 1 tatami space !

Start training easily in a corner of your living room or study .
If you make effective use of the little free time you have between work , you can easily continue!

At GFC Portable Gym, you can effectively practice the ``BIG3'' of muscle training: bench press, squat, and deadlift.

Main muscles trained: pectoralis major/deltoids/triceps

Main muscles trained: Gluteus maximus/quadriceps

Main muscles trained: erector spinae / trapezius / latissimus dorsi

This "BIG3" allows you to train your whole body, focusing on the largest muscles in your body, so it is effective in improving your basal metabolism .

If your goal is to improve your health or get in shape, you can expect sufficient results just by continuing with these "BIG3" exercises that train your entire body.

For people who are new to muscle training or who are not confident in their strength, training with heavy weights may be a cause for concern, such as the strain on the wrists when lifting and the risk of dropping the weight.

*The resistance value of the band may vary depending on how it is used and the environment in which it is used.

With the GFC Portable Gym, you can choose the resistance from 5 types of bands with different resistances .

You can practice workouts with the optimal load for each person according to their training purpose and menu.

Compared to weight training, which requires all your strength from the beginning, band training is characterized by the fact that the maximum load is applied where you apply the most effort, and the load is less at the beginning and end.

This is called ``variable resistance training,'' and it puts less stress on the joints, and it can reduce the risk of injury, as it is also used in rehabilitation.

The handle for hanging the band used in the GFC Portable Gym has bearings inside both sides of the handle, so it always points downward under its own weight.

The band is designed to always rotate in the direction where the load is applied , so you won't be forced into an unreasonable position.

Have you ever gone to the gym and found yourself unsure of how to operate the machines if you are not used to them?

When the gym is crowded, it can be difficult to ask the instructor how to use the equipment.

With GFC Portable Gym, there is no need for large-scale settings or difficult operations .
Even if you have a little free time, you can easily start muscle training.

The biggest "blind spot" when doing muscle training at home is that you don't know if you're training correctly .
But with GFC Portable Gym, you don't have to worry about that.

GFC Portable Gym's official LINE account explains training methods in an easy-to-understand manner even for beginners.
Current fitness competitors will give practical lectures on how to set the load to suit your goals and the correct posture and method to maximize the effectiveness of your training for each training event.

*Site specifications are subject to change.

*Site specifications are subject to change.

An explanation video will also be posted on the official website. You can view it using the QR code included with the GFC Portable Gym .

The bar is jointed in the center, so it can be shortened to half its length when stored.
Additionally, the handle can be removed using a hex wrench.

Compact size that fits easily into small dead spaces in the room , such as the gap between a wall and a rack.

With GFC Portable Gym, you don't have to worry about where you train or where you store it.

GFC Portable Gym is a training gear that embodies the desire of active fitness competitors to provide an environment where even those who do not have a training environment can train seriously .

Of course, you can fully experience its effects even with full-fledged body shaping by experts or physical training by athletes .

With GFC Portable Gym, you can practice the same level of workout as you would at a fitness gym without having to leave dumbbells or power racks at home.

Main muscles trained: deltoids/triceps/trapezius

Main muscles trained: Latissimus dorsi/middle trapezius

Main muscles trained: triceps

Main muscles trained: deltoids/trapezius muscles

With GFC Portable Gym, if you combine 5 types of bands,

Theoretically it is possible to apply a load of 200kg or more.

You can practice training at the intensity of a fitness gym without leaving your home.

In our bar load-bearing tests, we have confirmed that it can withstand up to 212kg .

In addition, in a maximum load test using all five bands, we have confirmed that it has a load resistance of up to 185kg .

*Due to the testing equipment, the test ended at 185kg.

The foot plate has a striped steel plate on its surface to prevent slipping, and is made of lightweight and sturdy aluminum.

A square pipe is attached to the long side of the ground surface, so there is no need to worry about it warping.

The shaft used in the GFC Portable Gym reproduces the texture of a barbell used in a fitness gym .

◆Diameter 29mm
Reproduces the same level of grip comfort as the IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) standard shaft.
If you are used to using a barbell at the gym, it will definitely fit in your hands.

◆81cm line
Of course, the overall length is designed to match the 81cm line, which is the guideline for the handle, just like barbells placed at gyms. The band and arms do not interfere with each other, allowing smooth and optimal load training.

If you remove the handle and split the bar, it is compact enough to fit within 45cm x 25cm including the band and foot plate.

It fits in not only sports bags but also large backpacks , so you can take it with you on business trips or while traveling.

【set content】

・Bar (approx. 4kg)
・Foot plate (approx. 2kg)
・GFC POWERBAND 5-piece set (approx. 1.8kg)
・Anchor for band

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GFC portable gym
GFC portable gym
GFC portable gym
GFC portable gym
GFC portable gym
GFC portable gym
GFC portable gym
GFC portable gym
GFC portable gym
GFC portable gym
GFC portable gym

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