About warranty

■Is there a guarantee?

・Only products with warranty details listed on the "product page" are eligible.
*For products that come with a warranty from a manufacturer or brand other than ours, the warranty details will apply.

■Warranty period

-As stated on the "product page". The charge will be calculated from the time the product is shipped or handed over.

■If there is an initial defect

-Please contact us within 7 days after receiving the item by attaching a photo or video of the situation to an email.
*If the photo is easy to understand, a smartphone photo is fine.

■About initial defects

・Please contact us by attaching photos or videos of the situation to your email.
*If the photo is easy to understand, a smartphone photo is fine.
・All one-way or round-trip shipping costs for sending parts or products for repair will be borne by the customer.

■The following cases are not covered by the warranty

・For consumables.
・If the product is resold.
・In case of customer's negligence.
・If the product has been modified or processed.
- Products other than ours (scratches on the wall, etc.)
・Costs incurred for assembly, installation, removal, etc.
・There are no scratches, stains, distortions, dents, etc. that do not affect usage.
・If our company determines that the method of use, maintenance, or storage is inappropriate.
・When using in an environment that is used by an unspecified number of people (gyms, facilities, schools, etc.).

■The response method will be one of the following at our discretion.

・Parts replacement (replacement work must be done by the customer)
*Please note that we do not provide any on-site repairs.
*Customer will be responsible for round-trip shipping costs for repairs other than initial defects (7 days from arrival).
*Customers cannot specify how to respond.