GFC Portable Gym Development Story

GFC Portable Gym is a portable training device developed to realize the idea of ​​``providing an environment where even those who don't have an environment to train can do a full-fledged workout'' .

I am fortunate to have a good environment and have built a home gym, where I am able to get a good amount of training done.
However, due to Japan's housing situation and the coronavirus, many people are unable to find the time, environment, and space to train.

The first products I produced were a "training tube" and a "metal handle attachment."

When we manufactured this handle attachment, we came up with a handle structure that allows the handle and bar to be used separately and allows for load adjustment by stacking multiple bands, which led us to develop the GFC Portable Gym. .

I have been personally importing and using portable gym products that are popular overseas for some time. However, because the handle did not separate, there were few training events that could be practiced, and the bar was short and the band and arms could interfere with each other depending on the event.

There are a number of portable gyms sold in Japan by distributors of overseas manufacturers, but some of them lacked enough resistance for serious training, and others found them difficult to set up.

When developing a product, we created a proposal to improve these disadvantages.

Initially, we visited factories in Japan and made a proposal, but the project did not make much progress and we were about to give up.

However, we were fortunate to find a Chinese supplier who could manufacture high-quality products, and more than a year and a half later, we were able to commercialize the product.

1st sample
2nd sample
3rd sample
Finished product

*Patent pending

After creating the sample, I tested it myself for a long time and set aside a period of time where I completely replaced my training at my home gym with the GFC Portable Gym.

With the GFC Portable Gym, we are confident that you can train with the same load as a fitness gym and perform many different exercises without having to purchase a large power rack or heavy dumbbells.

I am not denying going to a fitness gym or purchasing a power rack or dumbbells for training.

After you start getting serious about body shaping, you will always have concerns about the time and environment for training when you receive advice from acquaintances and friends about training, and we have developed GFC Portable for those people.

However, even for those who already have a training environment, by using "variable resistance training" using the GFC Portable Gym, it will provide a new stimulation different from traditional weight training, and I think you will be able to feel the effects of training even more. .

You don't have the time or environment to train, you go to a fitness gym but want to train at home, you don't want to buy large or heavy equipment, you want to increase the variety of your training, you want to train anywhere.

This is the perfect training equipment for these people.

We are confident in our product because we spent a lot of time testing it in a variety of situations.
However, if you have any impressions, concerns, or improvements that you would like to make while using the product, we would appreciate it if you could leave us a review, so that we can make the product even better.
Please use your reviews as a reference for future product improvements!

Thank you for your continued support of Gentleman Fitness Club.