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The opportunity for me, the owner, was when I first encountered foreign training equipment when I was building my own home gym.

So I wonder what various training equipment there are overseas!
I was surprised and moved.

There is a wide variety of products available, from racks used in commercial gyms to compact equipment used at home.

The FITNESS population in America is the same as that of Japan.
That's more than 5 times.
Of course, everyone is highly conscious about their health, but let's train! When you think that, there are many training products that can be used by people in any environment.
I felt that.

Looking at each product's SNS, everyone is enjoying it.
You can see them participating in FITNESS.
Seeing such a situation, I gradually started buying training equipment myself.
I want to sell it in Japan! That's what I started to think. And here we are today.
*My training equipment research space
Home gym that doubles as a magazine
“GoodsPress” released on February 4, 2021
March issue pages 38-39
I've introduced some on my blog and You Tube, but I will thoroughly research overseas training products!
There are over 100 pieces of training equipment that we have imported for research purposes.

Therefore, we will thoroughly research what we felt after actually using the product and what points can be improved, and reflect it in product development!

Thanks to you, research expenses (overseas product fees)
I won't be a fool ^^;

However, I believe that researching overseas products that are at the cutting edge of FITNESS is absolutely necessary in order to develop better products in the future.

I will continue to focus on that point!

Simply purchasing products from a factory, pasting a logo on them, and releasing them into the Japanese market will definitely not help Japan's home fitness products grow.

Of course, there are also excellent products produced by factories, so we will actively adopt them in those cases.

Once I settled down, I went overseas for the first time ever.
I would like to introduce products imported from Japan through my blog and You Tube.
" Easily lose weight "
I feel that words like this are everywhere.

Lose weight just by drinking!
Just by doing ○○, your abdominal muscles will be torn!
Honestly, I'm tired of it.

In fact, it's been more than 6 years since I started taking body shape seriously, and it's really difficult to lose weight (tighten) in a healthy way while building muscle.

It's never easy.

However, if the words are lined up in a way that is pleasant to listen to, I can understand why you would want to buy it.

At GentlemanFitnessClub For Sales
I don't use such words.
First, we will develop new products and expand our lineup.
We provide products and environments that allow a variety of people to train effectively.

After that, we will explain how to properly use it and how to train it.
In addition, we will actively pursue sales contracts with overseas manufacturers that match our brand concept.

For now, I will focus on product development first.
I finally found a factory that sympathized with my philosophy, and the ideas that had been in my head suddenly expanded!

Although the brand is still in its infancy, Gentleman Fitness Club is firmly established.
For your “concerns” during training
Let's work together to develop products!
We will also share ideas and products under development through catalogs, etc.

*If you have any ideas or products that are difficult to use, please feel free to let us know.
This will lead to improvements.

Everyday I have training equipment in my head.
It's full of things...

Until now, I have developed products based on my concerns, but from now on, I would like to hear your opinions.

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