Various product arrival information

[Arrival information]

Transportation arrangements will be made for the container containing all products other than the GFC dumbbell SET in early August.
Therefore, transportation and arrival are scheduled for mid-to-late August.
The pre-ordered leg strength products will be shipped in August.

●DD handle ●GFC dumbbell stand [2nd lot] *Improved rubber quality and durability - Changed caster color to black ●Leg strength [3rd lot] *Improved fixing bolts and locking mechanism between base and support
Scheduled to arrive in mid-to-late August *Reservations scheduled to be shipped in August

●GFC dumbbell various sets
Scheduled to arrive from late September to early October

*The arrival schedule is subject to change.

[New product information]

●Belt squat attachment ●DD handle safety ●GFC dumbbell all-thread parts ●GFC dumbbell Olympic plate screw ●GFC dumbbell Olympic plate conversion adapter
Scheduled to arrive from mid-August to late August

[Products under development]

●GFC Compact Functional Trainer (tentative name)
*1st sample has arrived 2nd sample is being ordered